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Diane Stainton Counselling

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Registered MBACP (Accredited)

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The Guardian newspaper

Negotiating the ups and downs of adolescence can be difficult, not only for young people themselves, but also for their parents and carers. Teenagers may be struggling with school work, underachieving, feeling hopeless and helpless - thinking that it is all too much. There may also be confusion about new feelings they are experiencing to do with gender and sexual orientation. Many will begin to question their parents and other authority figures but feel unable to talk to them as they struggle towards adulthood.

Some young people benefit from talking in confidence to a caring non- judgemental adult, who is able to offer them the space and time to explore some of the confusions and mixed up feelings they are experiencing.

Parents and carers, too, can benefit from talking with a counsellor, in confidence, about some of the issues they are having to deal with, as their young people apparently reject them or seem to be changing out of all recognition.

As a teacher for over thirty years, I supported many young people as they negotiated the stresses of studying for exams, dealt with peer relationships and got on with their parents. In addition to counselling young people, I have experience counselling young adults at college and university as they make their way through higher education.

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